Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Treats, Part I: Bunny Cake and Bebe Eggs

Bunny Cake!

Starry approves.
Easter Special- for the Spunky Coconut Easter round-up. Stay tuned for more as Easter draws nearer!

The traditional bunny cake made gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free. To make it look a little more authentic (aka furry), press shredded (unsweetened) coconut onto the frosted bunny.

I made this from a modified vanilla-bean cake- and marbled together the traditional yellow batter with a lavender batter dyed from pureed blackberries.


2 cups cooked and drained white beans  ---> puree in high power blender (Vitamix)
1/4 cup coconut oil, melted
1 tsp vanilla
~2 tiny-stevia-spoon-scoops powdered stevia
1 tbs agave
5 egg yolks -----> add, puree well

1/4 c flour blend: (millet + garbanzo + tapioca + oat) OR coconut flour (I ran out!!)
2 tsp baking powder----> mix all dry ingredients well, then add to wet and puree again

**pour half of batter into a separate bowl. Then, add ~1/4 c blackberries to dye remainder lavender/purple.

Beat the remaining 5 egg whites until still peaks form (add cream of tartar to help maintain them). Divide egg foam into two bowls; fold one batter color into each of them.

Grease one 8-inch circular cake pan, then like bottom with waxed paper, and grease it.

Start with the color of batter that you have more of: pour a thin layer into the bottom of the pan. Then dollop large blobs of the minority color on top. Use a butter knife to swirl the colors together. Repeat layering, dolloping, and swirling until all batter is used up. Be careful not to overfill pan (leave some room for rising)- if you have extra, make a few cupcakes.

Bake for ~30 minutes at 350 C.

Preparing Bunny shape:

1. Remove cake from pan (pull of wax paper from bottom) and cut in half. Frost flat, under-side of both halves.

2. Stand up two half-circles next to each other, letting the two frosting sides stick together.

3. Cut a wedge out of the top-front to separate bunny's face and body.

4. Frost!


1/2 c powdered erythritol*
2 tbs ghee, sort
2 tbs coconut oil, soft
1 tbs arrowroot powder (to add volume and cut sweetness- add more/leave out as desired)
2 strawberries, pureed almond milk (add slowly to make it the right consistency)
2 tbs powdered coconut (or flaked, or coconut flour if desired)

* Make your own powdered erythritol! Put ~1/2 c granular erythritol into the Magic Bullet small cup, and pulse for about 20 seconds with the crossblade. BAM-- powder!

To make frosting, blend all ingredients in the magic bullet.

Enjoy your bunny! Give it a face with grain-sweetened chocolate chip eyes, and a strawberry-tip nose. Whiskers can be toothpicks (if you're lazy like me), or carrot/zucchini spliters to be a bit more creative. My ears were pink index cards cut-to-shape... maybe you can come up with something better (edible) for those too!


Feature #2: BEBE EGGS

Easter is great. Dying easter eggs is also great. Unfortunately, having 1000000 leftover hard-boiled eggs is not great. Here, I present my family's traditional solution to this epic dilemma.

(Bebe eggs? (almost "Baby" eggs). Why are they called that? I have no idea. They just are!)

Mmm, bebe eggs hot in the pan!

 Basically, Bebe eggs are mashed up, sauteed/re-fried hard boiled eggs. Also makes great fun to make these easter morning! On my childhood easter mornings, we made a tradition of playing catch with each egg- waiting until we dropped it to break it and add it to the pot (and eventually just more-or-less pegging them at each other...).


Lots of hard-boiled eggs! ---> mash with a potato-masher (or a fork- but it will take you way longer)
*optional: for more savory eggs, add a bit of onion powder/garlic powder

Melt some ghee on a skillet over medium heat-- add eggs and seasonings. Cook until just-browned, stirring frequently.

Eat em all up for Easter breakfast!


Stay tuned for more easter treats to come: OUTSIDE COOKIES, RAINBOW TRUFFLES, and ORANGE BREAKFAST ROLLS (Pillsbury style!).

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