Baking Densities

Some recipes are easier to produce by weight. In fact fundamentally, cooking ratios are determined by weight rather than volume. However, common kitchen tools and most written recipes use volumetric measurements.

Thus, I frequently wonder what the densities are of various ingredients are, especially with various GF flours.
Here, I will be compiling the densities of various ingredients used in my recipes, as a reference for mass-volume conversions.

Garbanzo Bean Flour:        ρ   =         ¼ oz/c        =     4 oz/c
Millet Flour:                     ρ   =         ¼ oz/c        =     4 oz/c


Extra Light Olive Oil:         ρ  =     0.1458 (7/48) oz/c    =     6.857 oz/c (6 6/7)