The Journey

I decided to post the bare-bones version of my health journey here, because I've learned a lot from reading other people's stories. If my experiences can be helpful at all, then I believe it's worth sharing them. If you would like any more information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

2002 - Mononucleosis. December - March.

2005-07 - Mycoplasma pneumonia.  Causing chronic fatigue, brain fog.  Treatment: two years on antibiotics (tetracycline/doxycyline/azithromycin) - overall helped with fatigue and brain fog, but also (most likely) spurred later gastrointestinal problems

2008 - Anxiety and low thyroid. Treatment: armour thyroid. - I continue to take it. Anxiety resolved itself in time.

2008 - Possible parasite post-trip to Spain and Morocco; fatigue, upset stomach. Nothing showed up in tests.  Treatment: Alkaline diet.- one way or another, this did help me to function.

2008-09 - Adrenal Fatigue. Treatment: Dr. Wilson's products, plus no caffeine.

2008-10 - Candida Related Complex. (More fatigue, mainly) Treatment: Anti-Candida diet and the Attogram/Lahoz Protocol. (see WholeApproach)

2011 - Blood tests show gluten and dairy intolerance (not a big surprise). Also confirmed Leaky Gut Syndrome. (and possibly the scary-sounding Leaky Brain Syndrome!)

2012 - Probable parasite (though still never showed up in tests). Treatment: metronidazole (flagyl)/paramomycin - pretty much helped bloating/discomfort.

And now? I still strictly avoid gluten, dairy, cane sugar, and alcohol. I still am careful about taking care of myself, and not driving my body to exhaustion. I still have some discomfort digesting, but it's manageable.  I am considering pursuing other options for solutions, but for now I'm going to give it some time. 

I do still hope that some day I'll be able to eat pizza and beer (or croissants and milkshakes, or real cheese, or just not having to worry!)-- but, I must say that after nearly four years eating gluten-sugar-dairy-free, I've adapted pretty darn well.