Monday, February 7, 2011

Raw Spinach Mini Quiches

This is what I made for my Superbowl fiesta. (aka, I ate them for dinner before going elsewhere to a real superbowl fiesta). I used a spinach-avocado filling which worked perfectly. A couple of them I filled with guacamole, and that was also delicious.


3 tbs ground flax seeds
3 tbs almond meal
1 tsp chia seeds
dash of salt          ----> stir together in a bowl
water                  ----> add just enough water for the meal to clump together


1 handful spinach   ----> chop (pulsing Magic Bullet works perfectly- just don't over-blend into juice!)
1/2 small/medium avocado ---> add to Bullet or manually whip it and spinach together

dash of salt            ----> add and stir to mix

Use a mini muffin tin (optionally sprayed with nonstick olive oil cooking spray.) Use a spoon (/your fingers) to press a dollop of crust into each muffin tin, shaping it to the cavity. Make sure to compact it tightly, or the crust will crumble under the weight of the filling. Top the crust with a small spoonful of filling. To remove each mini quiche, gently loosen around the edges with a spoon, then scoop underneath it and transfer to serving dish.

These worked really well for me, and were a hearty and happy meal since I ate so many of them!

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  1. So simple and sounds so good. I just found your blog through the SOS challenge - and boy am I glad I did!