Tuesday, July 24, 2012

EWG Cosmetics Database

"HEY GRRL! My makeup's probably toxic!"

Here's a useful site that you can use to look up cosmetics and toiletries to see whether their ingredients pose heath risks. It's created by the Environmental Working Group, and rates products from 0 (good) to 9 (bad!), and includes a breakdown of what ingredients pose specific risks.

EWG Cosmetics Database 

You might not WANT to know the risks of the products you're using... but it's good to know that this site exists!

I looked up a few of my favorite items, ranging from....

Ocean Potion SPF "XTREME" Tanning Oil  --- rated 7 (that's bad), with a high risk of "Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity"

 - Honestly, that's no big surprise. Nothing about this stuff looks healthy to begin with. It is "XTREME," after all!


Hugo Natural's Volumizing Shampoo --- rated 1 (that's good!)

- Granted, 75% of the time I wash my hair I use my Pantene 2-in-1 (rated 4)... but I did at least buy the Hugo's to go in the right direction!