Saturday, July 17, 2010


And the blindness is over!

Contacts? Never again! Glasses? Good riddance!

Today I got LASIK surgery. Shoutout to my friend the Nemo stuffed animal that I got to hold during the procedure! Did it make me feel like a 5-year old? Yeup. Was it highly necessary? Yeup.

Besides the hold-your-eyelid-open ring popping off of my left eye at one point, everything went according to plan. More-than-slight discomfort while the corneal flap was being cut (the doctor literally described it as feeling like someone squeezing their thumb into my eye for half a minute. ...that's supposed to reassure me?), plus some stinging while the laser zapped the corneal flesh (definitely wasn't supposed to be feeling it then... MST to the girl who didn't get a full numbing drop into my right eye)... but then it was over! I mighta been a little giddy-traumetized, but I sure could see better!

As instructed, I went home and took a big nap. Unfortunately it was not big enough, because I didn't take the full dose of Xanax that the docs highly recommended. So, some severe "omg what if my flap came loose" pain pushed me awake. Never fear, some eye drops got me comfy and snoozing again in no time.

Now, I'm feeling nostalgia for thesis lab* as I'm wearing lab goggles around everywhere. Flying polymers, splashing acetone, boiling-over popover oil... BRING IT ON! You can't get my corneal flap, suckers....

* I think I could devote an entire post in itself to this image.... DANG all those polymer folk look good. Can we just examine the smiles, the hair, the huUUuuuGe awkward? It's not even the people, it's the photo-- I love it. I really do. I really really do. heyooo P(S-r-MMA-r-HEMA)!

anyway, I have eyes now. GREAT!

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