Thursday, April 12, 2012

Also: Two Cool Things

#1 - Earthing.

Ever noticed feeling brighter after walking outside barefoot? (Or do you even go barefoot anymore?) - I know it always helps me to gain energy by "reconnecting" with nature and the Earth.  This research is really interesting to me, and is producing a whole new idea of "Earthing" -- purposely grounding one's body by connecting into the electrically grounded surface of the earth.

When I google "fitness," this is the first image that comes up. ...ironic?
#2 - SlimKicker!

This is an awesome website that helps boost motivation for reaching health goals- in nutrition, exercise, and emotions. You "level up" as you earn points by logging your progress and completing health challenges.  It's just what I need to get my competitive spirit engaged!  Super easy to use, fun to get your friends to do it with you, and helpful to track nutrition stats!  (friend me on it- I'm mcphilli!)

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