Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Rainbow Light Shake?

What's the deal with the new Rainbow Light Chocolate Protein Energizer?

I'll tell you what the deal is.  They increased the price by four dollars at my regular supplier, Vitacost. This magic is now over a dollar a scoop.  And you know what else they did? They reduced the scoop size. A pouch that used to have 14 110-calorie large-sized scoops now has 14 88-calorie small-sized scoops.  Fourteen over-a-dollar-each 88 calorie small-sized scoops.

And you know what else they did?
Well, they did improve the flavor. I was never critical of the old taste- especially since I always choose to eat my protein shake as pudding-consistency, with way less water than usual. This makes the taste more concentrated, and that's just fine with me!

But I immediately noticed a new creaminess about this latest pouch of Rainbow Light that I opened. And it was good! Almost like genuine chocolate milk- but not to worry- it's just as allergen free as before. The only difference I noticed was that "Custard Vanilla Flavor" has been added to the "other ingredient" list.

Way to go, Rainbow Light- you invented Custard Vanilla Flavor, and it tastes like chocolate milk.  But is it worth a 36% price increase per pouch?

(PS I've been sprinkling this new formula over my granola in the morning... mmMMmm!)

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